As 2011 is coming to a close, I want to give everyone an opportunity to consider an end of year donation to Center City Church. We are moving into 2012 with an incredible anticipation for all that God has in store for us.

Just this past week, we had a businessman in our community that I have recently met send along a $5,000 check. He said, “I have never been to your church, but if what I see happening in the community is half as good as what is happening inside your church, this is a great investment.” That was followed by another gift of $5,000 from another man in our community that said, “Thanks for your investment into my family. Be encouraged.”

Every gift is tax deductible and allows us to move into 2012 with momentum and a strong financial base to continue reaching our community. Thanks for your consideration!

You can give online via PayPal (click here) or send a check to:

Center City Church
401 Hawthorne Lane
Suite 110-219
Charlotte, NC 28204

**As long as a check is postmarked by December 31, it’s still considered a donation for 2011 tax deductions.