We have a vision to open a non-profit coffeehouse/performing arts venue in the heart of Uptown Charlotte. It will be open sixteen hours a day, seven days a week. The possibilities are endless.

As a first-class coffeehouse, Ebenezers will be a place designed for the coffeehouse lover. Comfortable spaces to study on your own or enjoy conversation with a handful of friends. And there will be an abundance of power outlets. Let me hear a huge exclamation from all you entrepreneurs, pastors and small business owners that use coffeehouses as your office!

As a performing arts venue, it will be a hotbed for local and national recording artists. It will house conferences and forums. It will host city meetings and town hall discussions.

As a non-profit, all profits will go into local and overseas aid. Every latte that is purchased or concert that is attended will go toward helping those in need. Local non-profits will be supported by this vision. City parks will be built. Villages in Africa will have clean water. After-school programs for kids will be commonplace in our multiple-use venue.

The vision is huge. The plans are in place. And we are continuing to share the vision with anyone that wants to hear. There is a coffeehouse/venue coming to Uptown Charlotte. Want to be a part?

You can follow the latest happenings of Ebenezers Coffeehouse on Twitter (@ebenezersCLT).