I have a dream for Charlotte. I have a dream for Center City Church. I have a dream for today, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year and for years to come. Dara and I are filled with God-given dreams for this city. But none of them can become a reality without prayer. I believe that with everything inside of me.

I have a pretty regular routine of getting in my car and driving around Uptown Charlotte and simply praying. I will drive around the town and imagine what Joshua felt when he was circling Jericho (Joshua 6). I walk the streets and pray for the thousands of people that hurriedly pass me. I pray over the buildings. I pray that God would open doors that no man can close. I pray that God would close doors no man can open. I pray for the present. I pray for the future. I pray for creativity. I pray for favor. I pray for the hurting and broken. I pray for whatever comes to my mind.

God has put huge dreams in our hearts. I believe with all my heart that the path from here to there is covered in prayer.