I’m experiencing a really interesting mix of emotions right now. This is our last night in our beautiful home in Concord (about 20 miles north of Uptown Charlotte). All of our stuff is moved into our new place in the heart of the city and we are spending one last night in this amazing home God provided for us. A bit of back story…

After moving to Charlotte, a family heard of our story and was compelled to give us a beautiful six bedroom, 5 bathroom, 4,200 square foot home in an incredibly beautiful neighborhood for 40% of the going rate of the rental market value. Amazing.

We are now moving to another amazing place (at another amazing deal) in the heart of the city. It’s in a gorgeous neighborhood called Elizabeth right in Uptown. It’s less than half the size of the home we are currently living in, but it’s completely worth it. We are so excited to move, because downsizing is actually going to upgrade our lives.

We are going to live just a half mile from Max’s new school. Our back yard is Independence Park – a beautiful public park complete with playground and sports fields. Everywhere we walk in our new community, we meet people that God called us to serve. We feel alive in Uptown. And we love our new neighborhood.

I am so grateful for the past thirteen months in this incredible home. I’m also incredibly grateful for a new season of life that starts tomorrow.

Downsizing to upgrade. I like the sound of that.