A good friend of ours joined us recently at Center City Church. On the way to lunch after the service, I asked him to describe his first impression. He immediately said, “You guys do simple really well.”

That was an extremely meaningful response. We have yet to completely unleash all the cannons of creativity on our church. Instead, we have decided to spend the early days of our church pouring as much as we possibly can into the people. Our services are beginning to reflect more creativity lately (painting, original songs in worship, graphic design, etc), but we made a decision early on that we would wade into the water of creativity one step at a time. Slowly. Deliberately. Making sure our greatest effort and energy was given to loving and caring for the amazing group of people that was forming to begin Center City.

As we continue to progress forward in all areas of our church, my prayer is that people always remember that they are valued for who they are, not for what they can do. I love the beginning stages of this church. Doing simple has taken a long time to form and many conversations within our leadership team. I love what it has produced.

It is simply beautiful.