We’re huge fans of Christmas in the Docusen home. We do our best to make sure we creatively teach the kids the story of Jesus – and why it matters – every year. This year we also started to incorporate fun and creative ways to teach them about generosity – that when God blesses and provides for our family, it gives incredible joy to be able to give to others. It’s been a fun week around the Docusen house.

Tonight, we incorporate a family tradition that we’ve started with the kiddos. On December 23rd every year, we do Family Movie Night (A Muppet Christmas Carol this year) and open a “family gift.” It’s one gift with six gifts in it. It’s the same every year – pajamas for everybody. Super fun to see the kiddos get all bundled up and then all cuddle up on the couch as a family and watch a movie together.

On Christmas Eve morning we do the same thing every year, as well. Tomorrow will be our 4th annual Cracker Barrel brunch. We’ll sleep in a bit (which probably means 8:30am around our house) and then head to Cracker Barrel. We line the kids up, youngest to oldest, on the rocking chairs and take the same picture every year. It’s crazy to see how much they grow each year. Either the chairs are getting smaller or my babies are getting bigger.

These are just a few of our fun traditions that we’ll enjoy in the next 24 hours. What are some ways that you celebrate the Christmas season with your family?