I had stated in an earlier blog that I would spend Monday morning with Dara processing through all that we had learned and been challenged by at the Catalyst Conference in Atlanta. That was the plan. Insert detour here.

I spent all morning at the doctor’s office with Max only to find out that my little man (5 years old) has a confirmed case of the swine flu. Ugh.

There are so many times as a parent of four kids under the age of six that feel like constant detours. But it’s so worth it. We love our babies so much. We can process Catalyst another time, but today was all about taking care of Max.

When he found out that he would be held out of school for a week and have the Wii set up in Mom and Dad’s bedroom (our code for quarantining him off from the other three kids), he looked at me and said, “Dad, sick kids get special things!”

Thanks for your prayers for our family. The flu has a way of spreading rapidly through all six of us, so we’re praying that this ends with Max (quickly).