The past six months have been a lesson in obedience. I have felt the incredible opportunity to lead a church for the first time. And I love that privilege. It has been a combination of excitement and humbling realizations that I am simply following God’s direction for his church.

I have been presented with several circumstances where making the most clear, obvious decision is actually not the best decision. Sure, it may have been good, but I desperately want to do something that honors God, even if it takes longer and doesn’t make total sense to those observing from the outside.

For instance: we have no website. In my experience, that’s ridiculous. But there’s a reason for that. There have been several times that I have sat down with our team to map out a website that would reflect what God is doing in our church. But I continued to hear God speak to me to simply wait.In the waiting, I have found that he has been doing something unseen. I keep hearing the instructions to focus on the people God has brought our way. Work on the framework of this structure. Clearly define our vision, direction and purpose. Continue to pour into our amazing group of people.

I’ll be excited to introduce the web community to our website, but that will come in time. I pray Psalm 119:105 almost every day over my life, family and ministry. “God’s word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path.” I know that God has placed decisions in my hand to move forward with the church. I just pray that every one of those decisions is illuminated by God’s light, not my own personal flashlight of experience, creativity and limited understanding.

With each decision, may we step in step with God. Even if it means the website is on the back burner a bit longer.