So excited to welcome Dayne Shope to Charlotte!

Dayne was a student of ours in Master’s Commission. He has decided to come to Charlotte to intern with us for the next year. This is a major step of faith for Dayne. He is a phenomenal 19 year old with an obvious call of God to full time vocational ministry. I am honored to have him with us and feel a great responsibility to teach him in the ways that so many others have taught me through the years.

This will be a great experience for him as he will be able to be a major part of launching this church and learning from Pastors Mike, Sam and Teresa along the way, as well.

God continues to surround us with an amazing team at Hope Church… welcome to Charlotte, Dayne!!!

ps…if anyone has an extra room for him to rent, let me know…he’s sleeping on my couch right now 🙂