I absolutely love my kids. We pray over them every night and pray that they would love God with all their hearts for all the days of their lives. We know that it’s our responsibility to raise them up to love God. It’s our role to model for them lives that are genuinely following God. I never want the fact that we are in full-time ministry to be a hindrance to their walk with God. Sometime pastor’s kids can get really sick and tired of being at church and church taking Mommy and Daddy away throughout the week.

Ever since Max was old enough to talk, I started doing something that I still do to this day. Whenever I am leaving to work on church stuff I tell Max (and the rest of the Docusen crew), “Daddy’s going to work now!” Then they run to me and shower me with kisses (on a good day).

When it’s time to go to church on Sundays or for a special event we way “it’s time to go to church!”

This is a little thing I do that is really important to me. Someday soon Max will be old enough to understand that work is church and church is work. For now, though, we want our babies to grow up being excited about church, not disappointed because Daddy always leaves to go to church.