“If you created a space for Jesus to fill, he will fill it.”

That quote resonated so deep in my spirit this past week. As Dara and I gathered with about 50 church planter’s from across North Carolina, Darla Rakes spoke those words to us. It was like a lightbulb went off in my head.

As I’ve been sharing on this blog recently, I have been doing the best I can to learn how to delegate and let go of things. And a challenge for me is to live with open spaces. I have become so consumed with the pace of life that includes juggling church stuff, husband, daddy, friend, etc. It is almost like I had forgotten what open spaces felt like. And the more I crammed my schedule full of “stuff”, the less I felt the closeness and intimacy with Jesus.

As I have been letting go, I am resolving to not just fill my spaces back up with other things. I am leaving more open spaces for prayer, reflection and writing. And my heart feels healthier today than I’ve ever felt along this journey.

Creating a space means letting go. Letting go of having to have your hands in everything. You create space in your budget by tithing. That’s a huge step for so many. But that’s where you see God in your finances. You create space in your day by waking up a bit earlier and diving into God’s word, times of prayer and moments of silence.

Those words have resonated so deeply in my spirit: If you create a space for Jesus to fill, he will fill it. And I promise that his presence is way more fulfilling, productive and peaceful than anything you could decide to fill it with on your own.

How can you create space today in your life?