What a whirlwind two days. I’m back in Charlotte now and so happy to be home. I love Washington DC but I love home so much more.

John Gum and I got up at 5am and headed to DC yesterday. The drive was absolutely incredible. Great conversation and amazing scenery with the leaves in the prime time of fall.

I met with Mark Batterson yesterday and really enjoyed reconnecting. Mark has the ability to dream more than most people I’ve ever known. God is using him to do things that are really expanding the kingdom in new and innovative ways. I am inspired to continue to dream in a big way and let God bring them to life.

Headed back to Charlotte after breakfast with John, Ginny & Michelle Warren (the coffeehouse manager at Ebenzers). Made it home by 5:30pm and had a fun night with Dara and Jack (Max and Mary are with the grandparents tonight).

This was definitely a crazy two days. I’m glad to be home.