Ok…so trying to keep up a blog while on a missions trip isn’t the easiest idea ever, but here is a three day update from Costa Rica…


We had the day of and went on a “canopy tour” of the mountains. This was so amazing. The day included zip-lining through the trees and mountains, repelling and jumping off of a tree and swinging through the jungle like Tarzan. Wow. What an experience! We ended that night by driving through some really rough mountains (in which I almost puked) to a hotel that was at the base of a volcano. They had natural hot springs that were heated by the volcano. The highlight of my night there was the fact that they had internet and I was able to talk to Dara for almost 2 hours on instant messenger. Technology is amazing. That was really refreshing for both her and I. It’s really hard to be away from her and the kids.


We woke up (again) at 3:30am and drove BACK through the same mountains that (again) almost made me puke. We arrived at a school just outside of San Jose and did a school assembly for 600+ kids. This was a big moment for the local church we were working with because they had never been invited into the school before Friday. Our team went in and did our kids presentation and it went amazing. Tony and Dani blew it out of the water with their skits…Jacob and Heuser breakdancing…the whole team did so good. It was hilarious to see them getting bombarded by the kids afterwards for them to sign autographs. After that we painted the fence that surrounded the entrance to the school. GREAT day. That evening, the 1st year students helped serve at a special event at the local church and I took the 2nd and 3rd years out to dinner. That was a cool moment for me to be able to express my thanks to them for their leadership and support all year long. What a great group of people God has placed around Dara and I.