I took Max (our 5 year old) to the NASCAR Coca Cola 600 yesterday. SO MUCH FUN! The race was scheduled for Sunday night, but was postponed due to rain. I had wanted to take him to the race because ever since he saw the Disney “Cars” movie his interest in racing skyrocketed. Every single week we sit on the lazy boy and watch a portion of the race together.

I was at Caribou yesterday morning making a delicious espresso based beverage for a couple that was all decked out on Dale Earnhardt Jr. gear and I started chatting with them about Max and his new racing interest. They went out to their car and grabbed two tickets and said “we don’t need these…you can have them.” So cool!

We shared some really special moments together just wandering around the track, getting soaked, laughing, talking and watching cars go almost 200 mph right in front of us (we were about 15 rows from the track right in front of pit road). Great day with my boy!