I have a confession to make. I’m not very good at all at graphic design. That being said, I do all of our graphics for the week to week things we do around Hope. To give myself a smidgen of credit, I do believe I have an eye for what looks good, but I don’t really know how to make it happen.

Church planting forces you to creatively find solutions. My solution to graphic design is quite simple. I FAKE IT.

I found a great website (thanks to Ginny Peterson) called Shutterstock. It’s a pay-per-month subscription to get pictures and graphics. For $250 you can get 25 downloads today (legally) of images and pictures that professionals have taken or designed. I went on there and searched for “vector abstract” (a vector is a file you can stretch to any size withouth losing quality) and abstract…well…is abstract.

I downloaded a ton of designs and then simply put our series title (or whatever we are doing) on top of someone else’s design. It takes me minutes to do what someone else worked on for hours. Here is an example of our current series “BELIEVE”. I did this logo (with the help of shutterstock).

I found this image…

And then turned it into this:

The people love the design. Everyone thinks we did such a great thing designing this. All I did was find a cool font and put it on top of someone else’s design 🙂