I love that term. Church planters. Such a graphic description of what it means to start a new church in a community. There is ground breaking involved. The roots are incredibly important. And if you take care of the early stages, healthy growth follows.

I had the privilege of sharing lunch today with Kyle Holtzhower, Valeriy Guy and Kyle Yerkes. This is the leadership team that is moving to Charlotte to start a new church called The Body at Charlotte in 2011. It was so great to sit with these guys and realize that this is the group that will break new ground, send down roots, take care of the early stages and see their new church grow healthy and strong. I’m so inspired by their faith. I can see it in each of their eyes.

What is your dream? What are you believing God for that is beyond your own realm of possibility? Whatever it may be, submit it to God and go for it with all you’ve got. Might as well. The alternative is boring.