I will never forget the day that God spoke to me through a person I have never met.

When I was growing up, my mother was raising my brother, sister and I alone. She would work long hours and do all she could to keep the utilities on and food on the table. We had a close family, we just didn’t have a lot of money. As Christmas approached one year, I remember going to buy our family Christmas tree. We were so excited to bring it home, decorate it and officially kick off the Christmas season. As the big day approached, however, there were no presents under the tree. Mom was struggling to make ends meet and we were simply surviving. The thought of spending money on presents was outweighed by the reality of our monthly bills.

Christmas Eve came and we all had one or two small presents that we had purchased so we had something to open. I remember hearing a knock at our front door, but when we answered the door, no one was there. However, on the ground was a couple of garbage bags FULL of presents. Someone had purchased us more presents than we could have ever imagined. My mom cried. We screamed in adolescent jubilation.

To this day, that Christmas Eve blessing was not about the presents that we received from that anonymous person. That Christmas was about a God that always knows our needs. Always provides. Always takes care of us. We are a family that was forever changed by our God that cares and a person (or people) that were obedient to his call to provide for a family.

I have never met the person or people that blessed us. They did, however, change my life.