I have never been so in love with a city. As I was driving around Charlotte today with some dear friends (Clark and Salina Beasley) I found myself taking in the Charlotte experience with all 5 senses. This place has truly captivated my heart. As we were leaving lunch today, it was as if God has painted the most picturesque day just for us.

We had our fourth gathering yesterday of people interested in launching Hope Church with us this fall. This meeting had a whole different feel to it than any other to date. There was such energy in the room. It was so great to have some of my closest friends there with me. Dara and I had seven people from different places in our lives that came to check out Hope Church. I was so humbled to see such an amazing collection of talented young adults coming to see if God might have them partner with us.

I find myself dreaming bigger than I have EVER dreamed. I find myself believing in this more than I have EVER believed in anything. I am so grateful for direction, vision, passion, life and all that is coming along with this new venture. The challenges are well documented, but the passion I feel for this move and this work far outweighs any fear or timidity. God WILL provide. He has already provided so much.

Please keep us in your prayers as we are launching out this week in our fundraising effort. Pray that God provides and sends people to invest into our lives financially. God WILL do this…of this I am sure.

Simply put – I love Charlotte.