We have decided to scrap our plans to do our next sermon series – ENGAGE. We were going to do this series out of the book of Acts and talk about not just believing, but engaging our faith in the form of action. The idea was to mobilize the people to engage their world around them and share their faith. Great ideas that we have placed on the back burner.

Last week in our staff meeting, Mike came to us and asked us to consider changing direction in light of the recent economic turbulence. We have to respond – as a church – to what is happening all around us. This is not just effecting us on a national level, but right here in Charlotte.

Charlotte is a banking town. Two of the country’s largest banking institutions (Bank of America and Wachovia) have their corporate headquarters here. Wachovia announced last week that they were selling and that thousands of jobs would be lost. The final decision is not yet nailed down, but the bottom line is that the Hope community is being hammered financially right now. It is our job to lay aside our plans and respond to what is happening around us.

We are now moving into a series called “PROVISION” in two weeks. We are going to address the fact that God is faithful in every area of our lives. We will not let the world distort our reality. He is faithful when there is plenty and faithful when there is little.

So grateful to be working with a team that is sensitive to the needs of our community.