God has given us a phenomenal team at Center City Church. A great example of this is Ben Getz. He just graduated from Radford University (in Virginia) and moved here to be a part of launching Center City. He is a musician/advertising & marketing guru/frisbee golf extraordinaire/natural born leader. He also has a huge heart of compassion.

Compassion is one of the things that we identified in Scriptures and have decided to focus on early in the life of Center City Church. We want to create opportunities for people from all stages of their walk of faith (from exploring to fully committed) to be able to serve our community.

The following is what Ben wrote after meeting with Lani Lawrence from Friendship trays. This is a non-profit organization in Charlotte that cooks meals on a daily basis and delivers them to individuals and families in need of assistance (homeless, under-privileged families, etc). I love the fact that our team is stepping up to lead others’ to serve our community. Here are Ben’s thoughts after taking the initiative and meeting with Lani:


Lani was extremely helpful in explaining everything and every aspect of their organization. They rely on over 100 volunteers daily in order to deliver over 700 meals around the Charlotte area. I’m no mathematician, but that’s not only a ton of meals but about an average of seven meals per person to deliver. This statistic amazed me. I love that people are willing to serve those in need and doing so by dedicating more than two hours of their time on a daily basis.

Lani was more than excited about our group at Center City wanting to serve the community. She was very open and said she would love to have us anytime. Whether we choose to plan in advance for a larger group or show up unannounced, she said she would be thrilled either way.

I am looking forward to working with this organization! God is so good!


I am so grateful for Ben. For his friendship, his passion, leadership and commitment to our vision to serve Uptown Charlotte. We couldn’t do this alone. Wouldn’t want to do this alone. Thank God for Ben!