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A Movement of Miracles and Generosity

April 24, 2019


Check out some highlights of how God has used a movement of miracles and generosity through financial support to Center City Church to impact our community. All of the expenses add up to roughly $30,000 every month… we generally have 2-3 weeks in the bank… it runs really, really tight, but through the generosity of […]

Seek the Peace and Prosperity of the City

April 15, 2019


Friends – please see the note below from Rob Kelly and the FOR CLT mission network. Neighbors in our city will experience yet another trauma today regarding the dynamics that are ever-present along racial and economic lines that continue to divide. Prayers are needed for peace and unity in our city today. We know that […]

Stories of Faith, Faithfulness, and Miracles

March 11, 2019


I’ll never forget the time a flying roach injured my mom’s back to the point she couldn’t walk for days, and then God miraculously healed her. I won’t soon forget the time that my wife laid in a hospital bed, four months pregnant wit our first child, Max. The doctor told me that an infection […]

The Story of My Scar (and the Faithfulness of My Mother)

February 25, 2019


I have what looks like is going to be a scar under my right eye. It happened a few days after my mom was in a horrific car accident (January 2019) that almost took her life. I spent every day in the hospital with her as she was dealing with seven broken bones, three surgeries, […]

Dissertation Draft – Conclusion

February 18, 2019


I just found myself all up in my feelings tonight as I wrote the first draft of my conclusion for the doctoral dissertation. Three years worth of academic research and practical ministry as I’ve explore race, economics, and friendship as it relates to the topic of biblical neighborliness. Here’s my first stab at my conclusion… […]

How God Uses Reluctant Leaders

February 16, 2019


Ever feel reluctant in your leadership or too nervous to speak up? Welcome to the company of heroes of the faith. We may remember their names now, but everyone one of them were normal folks like you and I. Consider the story of Moses. Even though he is now regarded as one of the central […]

Docusen Family Cell Phone Agreement

December 7, 2018


Each kid in our home has gotten a cell phone when they got to middle school. It is both a fun moment for the family to communicate with our kids in a new way, and a terrifying reality that the world is opening to them in a whole new way. We’ve had ups and downs […]