I am resolving to get back into a rhythm of blogging. I have found out something about myself that is really interesting in this latest season of blog drought. When I am walking through really interesting seasons of which I can’t give all the details, I find myself blogging less.

For instance, we have been in a process of exploring a potential property in the middle of Uptown Charlotte for Ebenezers Coffeehouse. I want to jump on my blog every night and update the process, but the only problem is that this specific process is not particularly the type of process that one can just expose to all of internetdom for consumption. Lots of moving parts with potential donors, working with the city, etc. So I find myself not blogging at all because I can’t write about what I really want to write about.

Maybe this makes sense to no one else but me, but that’s the reason for my relative blog silence. I’m choosing to get back into the mix again and start cranking out some thoughts in other areas. My blog is like a public diary. I never plan what I’m going to write. I write what I feel. And I feel like writing again.