Last week (April 11) at Center City Church was one of the most frustrating services I have ever been a part of in my life. And it was absolutely beautiful.

All was well until about an hour before service started. Our sound system went absolutely nuts. Feeding back, making noises at us like an old dial up connection to the internet, microphone didn’t work, etc. We started service about 5 minutes late, only to realize that we had left bags, a coffee cup and some trash on the stage. Perfect.

I’m a big believer in excellence. I believe God deserves our best. And this was absolutely driving me crazy. I felt so distracted by the events of the morning and the sloppy mess on our stage. I closed my eyes and just tried to focus. Focus on the things that really matter at this point: bringing glory to God and leading people toward Christ.

Fast forward to the end of the service. Three people committed their hearts to Jesus. Dozens more stayed after service was over as they were allowing God time to heal, set free and refocus their eyes on Him.

It was absolutely beautiful. Even in spite of the events of the morning. The things we missed in the madness leading up to the service. All of that was out of our control. And God brought beauty into the chaos of our morning.