Today marked the beginning of Max and Mary’s first official baseball league. It was so much fun to head out there and work with them and their teammates on a game that I have loved my whole life. Max was really into the practice for the most part. Mary kept wandering off to play in the dirt and squirt her new water bottle.

We headed straight from there and celebrated Mary’s birthday one week late (because of the incredibly gross sickness they had last week). We met their cousin, Brooke, at Build-A-Bear Workshop. It was SO cute to see them so excited to pick out their stuffed animals and see the “come to life”.

We ended our evening by watching Madagascar with the kids. The conclusion of that movie brought on a huge dance party in the middle of the living room as we bounced all around singing “I like to move it, move it!” Great fun. So good to spend quality time with the family today.

I love being a husband and father.