Dara and I are taking Max “back to school” shopping today. He is starting kindergarten this year, so I guess it’s not technically “back” to school. Either way, it’s shopping day for the Docusens!

It’s so surreal having our first baby heading off to school. He is chomping at the bit to get there. We are so proud of Max. He loves God with a genuine innocence and sincerity. Dara asked him a couple of months ago, “What are you most excited about going to kindergarten?”

His resonse was, “I get to learn about Jesus.” Dara proceeded to tell him that it wasn’t a church school and that he wouldn’t be learning about Jesus at school, but he could tell his new friends about Jesus. He looked back at Dara and said, “I like that better.”

I am beaming with pride for our Max! Off to the mall 🙂