I have had some great conversations with some great friends lately surrounding the topic of accountability. I always think of accountability as an incredibly awkward step toward true growth. It’s not easy to admit when you’ve done something wrong or stepped out of line. It’s so valuable, however, to have a friend that you can share the ups and downs of life together.

This got me thinking about a great program that I wanted to put on the blogosphere map. It is called X3Watch. This program helps anyone that might be dealing with temptation on the internet. It easily downloads on your computer and then shoots an email update to one or two of your friends that you choose. It lets them know if any questionable sites have been hit recently. This is a great tool because the greatest way to avoid temptation is to know someone will be there to confront you in a loving way on the other side. No one needs to fly solo. This program helps. It was designed by the team at XXXChurch.com. Great ministry.

Hope this helps. If you or someone you know could use this, pass this along. You won’t regret it.