We have just released our biggest, most unified initiative in the history of Center City Church. We are distributing journals to everyone in our church that include reading plans and examples on how to engage the Scriptures through prayer and journaling. We’re asking everyone to gather on a consistent basis with a handful of people and talk about what they are learning.

After releasing this plan to our community, we are now looking to the future to try to anticipate the needs of our community and the challenges that may arise as we move forward. 

One of the role of pastors & shepherds is to stay ahead of where their community is at in each season. I am praying for wisdom (for myself and our leaders) to hear from God and to receive his directive as he leads us into the next season to come.

Leadership always includes a delicate balancing act. While I am appreciating the excitement and genuine joy of this season, I am already anticipating what is next on the horizon for our community.

This is fun.