Let me make an admission: I really don’t like fundraising.

However, I am willing to do anything and everything within my power to go after the vision that God has put in our hearts to bring Center City Church to Uptown Charlotte.We have been doing it for a year and a half now and it gets really old. My pride is totally destroyed after asking everyone I know and even some that I don’t for money. Multiple times. That’s all a part of this process and I needed this season to get over myself and my pride.

Even though I don’t like it, I know the only way to get this vision off the ground and keep our family going is to continue to hit the fundraising trail every single week. This season will pass eventually and Dara and I will celebrate the day that Center City gets to the point that we can be paid through our ministry (or however God chooses to provide).

For today, however, I’m working on an application that a friend of mine gave me that sits on a charitable trust that funds church plants. Praying for wisdom as I try to find the words to articulate the vision that God has put in our hearts for Center City.

Anything and everything. Totally worth it.