I love sports. I’m a huge fan of the Tampa Bay Bucs, Orlando Magic and Detroit Tigers (I was born just outside of Detroit then spent 20+ years in Orlando). Every game starts the same, no matter the sport: the score is 0-0.

One thing that I have noticed recently is that, in ministry, pastors don’t seem to start with an even score. It seems as if we have to work our way up to even, then build from there. There is a distrust of ministers that is very prevalent these days. So many people have been hurt in church. So many have seen Christ misrepresented by those place in leadership. It breaks my heart.

I am resolved to just be me. The words that come out of my mouth on Sundays are so much less important than the way I live my life day in and day out. I pray that the reality of who I am as a man is better than what people perceive of me as a pastor.

Go Bucs.