I’m really blown away. We have just received our third check written to Center City Church from a church in Eastern North Carolina. Here’s the crazy part: I don’t know the pastor. This church has given us around $3,000 over the past couple of months to support our efforts. Amazing. Silent, substantial support.

I’m constantly blown away by the way God provides. He is ultimately faithful, even in the times that we don’t or can’t understand. Take heart today, God is omniscient and omnipotent.

As omniscient God, it means that nothing exceeds his realm of knowledge. He knows everything. Even our unspoken and unseen needs.

As omnipotent God, it means that nothing exceeds his power. He is the miraculous God. Able to come through in our most dire situations. No challenge too great. No need too small.

All knowing and all powerful. So powerful that he can even use strangers to provide for our needs. A special thanks to all of you that have supported us in the past two years as we’ve been on this journey of church planting. God has used you to show his amazing provision.