I just got beat by my 4 year old son in Wii bowling. It’s not like I wasn’t trying, either. He shot a 214. A 214!!! How am I supposed to hang with that?

We had so much fun tonight. Dara was preparing to speak at a service for 300 people (GO DARA!) tomorrow, so I hung with the kids all night. I got whooped by Max in bowling, played hide and seek with all three of them, tickled and tackled all night long and then introduced Max to one scene from the greatest movie of all time – TOP GUN. What a night.

I kept on thinking to myself “take mental pictures.” Max and Mary are getting so big. Talking up a storm, laughing, joking. Jack is putting things together. He tried to play hide and seek (unsuccessfully). I just kept on thinking about how fast all of this is going by. I love them. I love this. I love the life God has given me.

Nothing…NOTHING…is more important on this side of heaven than family. We just put the kids to bed…time to go practice Wii bowling 🙂