I just came across this quote today that really resonated within me:

It’s not in the flash of the style that you hone,
Or all the degrees you’ve compiled;
The Savior is looking for servants who own
The warm, willing heart of a child. —Gustafson

It is so easy to keep ourselves busy trying to pull stuff off that we lose sight of our greatest need: the power of God at work and on display. I am all about excellence, but the past year has taught me more and more that my neurotic obsession with excellence can many times cover up the warm, willing heart of a child to just do whatever God asks.

God has called us to a vision of simplicity at Center City Church. I don’t think we are going to win many awards for the way our services are put together. But we believe in the all surpassing power of God. And we believe in every single person that walks through the doors of our church.

My oldest son, Max (7), doesn’t have a clue how to pull off a crazy awesome production, but he loves God with all of his heart. He prays prayers that are genuine and powerful. I think I want more of that in my life: the ability to say a simple prayer for the unlimited power of God.