God is doing something in me that I’ve never felt before. It’s like a revival in my heart. Something shifted in my heart and my spirit with the beginning of 2012. The biggest lesson – by far – that I have learned since the turn of this year is really simple: Silence. I came to the realization that God does not need my voice. I need His.

I have spent more time than ever resting in God’s presence. Listening. Turning off the noise and just allowing my mind to be at ease. And I’m feeling something that I’ve never felt before in my life. It’s like John 15 is coming alive in my spirit.

I’ve always believed in the power of God. I had a praying mom that always pointed me to Jesus. She taught me how to pray. And all of those lessons are coming full circle since the beginning of the year. I’m learning how to let go and allow God to freely do what he chooses. I’m realizing that my presence is not nearly as integral to this church flourishing as I once thought. If I have his presence, I have all that I need. As a pastor, my role is to point others to the light. All of my creativity and leadership should point to Jesus if I’m fulfilling my calling.

As I have been observing our church family, I see that God has begun to pour out a revival in the hearts of others, as well. My prayers are getting bigger. Getting bolder. There are many dreams in my heart, but the request of my dreams coming to pass are paling in comparison to my requests for God’s presence. His power. His reality.

If you are a part of our church family, it’s important that you know what your pastor is praying for these days. I’m praying for the unmistakable, unmatchable, unfiltered, unexplainable power of God to be at work and on display in and through our church family. I’m praying that God does something among us that none of us can take credit for as it unfolds.

I am praying that revival starts in our hearts individually. That our passion for God leads us to get up a little earlier and dive into the word of God before the day begins (click here to check out some online reading plans). To stay up a little later at night asking God for his miraculous power to be at work in our community. I am praying that our passion for Jesus leads us to serve well, to serve selflessly in our community without the need for recognition. That our lives would look like Jesus. Humble, yet confident. Understated, yet powerful.

Scriptures say that Jesus is the light of the world. When we have Jesus in our hearts, he illuminates our lives and drives the darkness away. If each one of us allows the light of Christ to shine in and through our lives, it’s just a matter of time before we light up this city. And that light that starts to shine at home will continue to shine across the world over time.

God has captured my time and attention. He has brought a revival to my heart. And now I’m praying that a revival starts in your heart. Give your heart and your all to Jesus. You will never regret it.