Something shifted in my heart today. It’s kind of hard to explain. But all of a sudden, the last year made so much sense to me while Clark and Salina Beasley were leading our time of worship at church this morning.

This past year has been marked by an amazing community forming at Center City Church. We have seen many people come to know Jesus as savior and many more impacted by the powerful effect of living in true community. And all of this has been given to a time of building foundation.

I very much believe that God has brought our church into a new season. And it feels like it started today. I believe this next year of our ministry is going to be the year that our church begins to very much turn our attention outward. To the community around us that is so desperately looking for satisfaction. I believe we are going to serve in ways that we’ve never served before. And I believe that the foundation of Jesus and community is going to hold strong and secure the building that God builds over the next year.

It’s always hard for me to know when spring turns to summer. But today was a distinct feeling of a new season for our church. I can’t wait to see what God has in store.