Dara and I just returned from a whirlwind twenty-four hour trip to Washington, DC. We met with some of the staff at National Community Church about the dream that God has placed in our hearts to open a coffeehouse/venue in Uptown Charlotte. We were so encouraged by their generosity of spirit and willingness to help.

NCC opened Ebenezers Coffeehouse four years ago. It is the largest coffeehouse on Capitol Hill & has been awarded the prestigious title of “#1 Coffeehouse in DC” by AOL CityGuide.

We left feeling so encouraged, and the dream is alive in our hearts. Opening a coffeehouse/multiple-use venue in Uptown has never felt closer. We are planting seeds today that will grow healthy roots and then produce something beautiful in the future.

Let me give you another glimpse of the vision…

As you enter the street-level entrance in Uptown, the 2,000+ square foot coffeeshop will be teeming with life. A consistent line of people will be observing our well-trained baristas perfecting their craft. Delicious caffeinated beverages being served up one after another.

The bankers from the Hearst Tower will be sitting four-to-a-table working on their next deal. The architect will be sitting with his plans laid out across the table as he drinks his espresso. The graphic designer will be sitting with his MacBook fired up and earphones blaring up as he designs the next great ad. The musician will be sitting with pen in hand, pouring out her heart in rhyme into her leather bound Moleskine.

As you head up the stairs to continue your exploration, you find a 2,500+ square foot venue that is being set up for the show that evening. Campbell the Band is playing at 8pm.

The staff is diligently turning around the facility after hosting a tutoring session for twenty-five kids from First Ward Elementary School that afternoon. We’ll turn around the building again after Campbell’s show to get ready for the Bank of America executive brunch the next morning. The next evening, the venue will be transformed into a 200 seat gathering space for Center City Church. And then it will change again to host Mom’s Morning Out the next morning at 9am.

A coffeehouse in Uptown. It’s a beautiful vision of creating a space that is for the community, used by the community seven days a week. We believe that God has placed this dream in our hearts. But it is not just our dream, it’s HIS dream. And it includes so many people. So many people will come together to make this a reality.

What if that is you?

Maybe you will be one of the baristas serving up incredibly delicious beverages. Maybe you are the musician singing to a captivated crowd. Maybe you are the contractor that will build out the facility. Maybe you are the artist whose creations will hang on our walls.

This dream is alive in our hearts. I can see it. I can feel it.

I am so grateful for the investment of time, passion and encouragement that the staff at NCC gave to us yesterday. And I’m so grateful, in advance, for all those who will come alongside of us to see this dream become a reality.

A coffeehouse/venue in Uptown. It’s coming. Can you see it?