Picture a two story coffeehouse on the corner of the main strip of Uptown Charlotte. The street level entrance is a first class coffeehouse. Great vibe. Free wifi. Comfortable. Baristas are friendly, well-trained and knowledgeable about the products they serve.

Upstairs is a multi-use venue that can seat 200+ people. It is used for study groups, community gatherings, business meetings, after school programs, hosting parties, catering events, Center City Church meetings, music lessons, dance lessons, art galleries and so much more.

I haven’t even mentioned yet that the profits of this coffeehouse will go back into our community and overseas missions. Imagine the opportunities to serve our community and our world by investing into parks, playgrounds, community needs, clean water projects in Africa, setting up schools in the jungles of South America, etc. It is absolutely beautiful.

God put this dream in Dara’s heart many years ago. We’ve been actively working together on this behind the scenes for the last 2+ years. We’ve held this so close to our hearts that I’ve ever mentioned it publicly until now. Praying. Working. Researching. Connecting with people that have gone before us. It’s going to take a lot more prayer and a great number of people responding to God’s direction for this to become a reality. But it’s worth the work. It’s worth the prayers. It’s worth the wait.

A coffeehouse/venue in Uptown Charlotte. It’s going to be amazing. Pray with us. Believe with us. God will get all the glory.