Today was one of my favorite days.

I spent the day with my family. All day. Dara, Max (10), Mary (9), Jack (7) and Ben (5). Max and Ben had basketball games. Friends and family joined us. Jack exploded in his first real game ever. He scored 14 of his team’s 20 points. Max played a solid game, hitting the only two shots he took, while playing great point guard and leading the team well. Ben and Mary played on the sidelines, stopping every once in a while for a hug.

Two of our friends (and leaders in our church family), Ryan & Calli joined us for all the festivities. I watched as they watched our family, with wonder in their eyes. Almost like they were observing our family while letting their imagination run wild. You see, they are pregnant with their first child.

I remember that look in mine and Dara’s eyes almost twelve years ago when we were first pregnant with Max. I smiled today. All day. God has blessed our family with love, joy, hope, and peace (all rooted in Jesus). And it struck me – this is community. This is family. This is what a church family is all about…enjoying life together (centered around our love for our Savior). Ryan and Calli (pictured below), you guys brought me back a dozen years today. You’ll be the ones sitting there in a handful of years, cheering your kids on. And, knowing you guys, you’ll have a young couple with you…watching as you beam with pride as little Superstar Fawcett hits his/her first fadeaway jumper.

I love my family. I love our community. I love Ryan and Calli and their baby we’ll meet soon. And I long for everyone to know this joy that we have found (all rooted in Jesus). So grateful.

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