I have a thing for ships. This is Edward Moran’s “Ship at Sea, Sunset” painting.

Ships have been a prevailing metaphor for my journey of faith as I travel from who I was to who I am becoming.

It is fascinating to me that the ship in this picture does not have a motor, depending only on the wind to propel it toward the intended destination. You cannot see the wind, and I cannot “see” the Holy Spirit. I can feel the wind. I can feel the Holy Spirit (most days).

I am also struck that the crew has to work with the wind by adjusting the sails to get this ship to the destination. I am working with the Holy Spirit – along with a close community of family and friends – to find my way to who I am becoming.

Sometimes, the wind stops blowing and the sea is still. There is not a lot of movement on those days, but a perfect time to rest. Other days, the wind is blowing perfectly and the sea is calm enough to move quickly. And sometimes the storm comes along, the sails have to be drawn down to make sure they are not destroyed, the the sailors have to ride out the storm. Together. The sailors ride the storm out together.

Are you working with the unseen beauty and power of the Holy Spirit? Do you have a community that enjoys the peaceful days of rest, works with the wind to move forward, and rides out storms together?

I love ships because I love the mystery of traveling from who I was to who I am becoming.