I am presenting the fall lecture for the Global Pentecostalism Center at Southeastern University tonight at 7pm (EST) and there’s a word burning in my spirit. I believe our christian witness is at stake. The world is watching the way the Church has responded to cultural issues over the past two years.

We inhabit time and place in this unique season in our culture. We have an opportunity to engage our community and embrace conversations about race and economics in our communities in a way that will open doors to share the motivation of our love. As our culture grows farther apart, the evidence of the healing message of Jesus will be unity and practical expressions of love toward our neighbors across dividing lines.

We are called, anointed, and empowered by the Holy Spirit to do great work and embody the message of Jesus in our communities. I hope you can join us as we learn to love like Jesus, cross dividing lines, and transform our communities.