I have so enjoyed this season of life. God is stretching Dara and I in ways that I have never known or experienced. We are seeing new sides of the love and provision of God that we’ve never seen before.

You hear a lot about me and my thoughts during this season. You don’t hear too often about the strength of my life on this side of heaven: Dara. We’re in this together. She is a quiet type that is incredibly powerful in her faith. What takes me 100 words to express my thoughts can be said in one sentence by Dara.

For instance…

We just received our last paycheck. We get paid once a month out of the money we raised to come to Charlotte. Our final paycheck went into the bank on January 1st. From this point on, we walk a faith walk that is totally dependent upon God’s provision. Dara and I talk about this every day. We pray together every day. We both believe.

I looked at her a couple of days ago and asked her, “why do you seem so confident?” Her answer simply blew me away. She looked back at me with every assurance in her eyes and said “it’s easy for me to believe.” And that was that. She went back to her Google search for baby stuff for Ben.

I am amazed by my wife. Not once has she doubted God’s ability to provide for us. I find strength in her strength. We are in this together. We believe.