Besides the call to lead this church (which is an incredible honor that Dara and I do not take lightly) the most humbling part of our journey has been the many people that have joined us along the way and have caught the vision of Center City Church.

We absolutely could not do this alone. Instead of starting a church on our own (just Dara and I), we know that it’s been lifted off the ground by the prayers, support, effort and unity found in this amazing group of people that have come together.

Each person plays a part. Each person helps set the culture of warmth, genuine acceptance, generosity and compassion that we enjoy together. And from a distance, there are scores of people that have invested financially into this dream to enable us to start with a strong and healthy foundation.

I can never say it enough, so I will say it again. Many thanks to all of you that now call Center City Church home. Many thanks to those that have invested into this community. We are building something together that is beautiful and lasting.

We’re all in this together!