We experienced a subtle and peaceful touch of God’s presence today at Center City Church. While last week was extremely passionate and exciting, this week was filled with the stillness of God’s power. No less impacting. Deeply meaningful.

As I looked across the room today, I wondered what all God was doing in the hearts of people today. I look forward to getting updates from the people in our church to see what God did in their hearts this week. People lingered after the service and worshiped for a while after service ended and we all enjoyed the sweetness of God’s presence.

We haven’t focused much on numbers in the early days of our church, but I do believe that a sign of health is growth. With that being said, we have been steadily growing as the weeks go by. This week was our largest attended week since the church opened in April 2010. We actually ran out of parking spaces at the venue and had to start averting traffic to the parking lot across the street. I hear this is a good problem. Exciting times. Praise God for all he is doing!