I have been blown away by all that God has done since we started Center City Church a few years ago. There have been so many that have given so much to see this church come to life in our amazing community of Uptown Charlotte, NC. And here’s the fun part: this is just the beginning.

I have been thinking quite a bit lately about imagining the future of our church. It’s growing and we are seeing more and more people dig deep into their relationship with Jesus. I often pray for those that are out of state that God will call to be with us among our church family. And I’m not just talking about future staff members.

I believe that God is calling businessmen/women, families, doctors, lawyers, musicians, young professionals, industry veterans, athletes, soccer moms, etc. We have a shared vision at Center City that we exist to honor God and make disciples at home and across the world. That’s not just the charge for our staff. That’s the charge for our community. To teach as many people as we can what it means to be a committed follower of Jesus.

Want to move to Charlotte? I can’t make any promises of how it will happen or come to pass, but I can tell you that there’s a great community that you could invest into and enjoy.

And the weather is ridiculously amazing.