As I was laying out my clothes for today at Center City Church, my thoughts drifted to Dara’s grandfather. We affectionately called him “Grandaddy.” Most everyone else just knew him as Pastor Fenton Jones. He was an incredible man of God, a faithful husband, father and grandfather. And he is one of my heroes in the faith.

Grandaddy pastored for over 50 years. And almost every single message he ever spoke was done so in a suit. Not just any suit, though. Grandaddy had some serious style. We’re talking some slick suits. And I couldn’t help but wonder what Grandaddy would say to me today (he passed away several years ago) as I laid out my jeans, a v-neck t-shirt and my gray Tom’s shoes.

The dress code has certainly changed over time, but one thing I know absolutely sure is that God has not. The same power and authority that Grandaddy spoke with in his suit for 50+ years is available to me as I preach to Center City Church in a v-neck shirt for the next 50+ years.

I love and miss Grandaddy. And I think he would have really loved a pair of Tom’s. I’m glad that he didn’t decide to pass on his style to me, but a belief in the power of the Holy Spirit and the charge to preach the saving message of Jesus Christ.

I do, however, have one of his ties. And it is very, very nice.