So today really proved to be an unexpected day of decisions. We turned around in Daytona to come home and make some minor improvements to our home after hearing of some pretty serious interest from an out of state couple. The next couple of days will include getting real estate documents ready in case of an offer and general cleaning and such.

I truly believe that God is teaching me so much through this process. I don’t like it – let me start with that. However, I’m grateful for the experience because it’s forcing me to depend on God at a level that I’ve never known. It’s weird for me because this one is TOTALLY out of my hands. We’ve done everything we can…now we just wait for the right buyer that God has intended for us.

I recite to myself the fact that God is a faithful God that has done countless miracles in our lives. He knows all the details. Our job is to simply follow him and trust. I sometimes like to put things on this blog as an exercise of my own faith, so here goes:

I trust God. I trust that he has all the details worked out. I trust that he will sell this place in his timing. I choose to believe that his timing is coming soon! I believe in faith that God will bring us a buyer for our home. I trust that he is in control.

I thank God for the ups and downs of home selling. He’s teaching us so much through the process.