Three of my closest friends are in Atlanta tonight experiencing one of my items that’s on the “things to do before I die” list. Clark, Salina and Will are all at the U2 concert at the Georgia Dome as I type this. I’m not. Neither is Dara. Great for them. Not so great for us. But great for them.

I digress.

While they are experiencing one of the greatest concerts I can imagine, I was running an errand to Wal-Mart (which has U2 cd’s for sale, but it’s not quite the same effect). I was thinking about our group that God has given us at Center City Church. There’s so many talented musicians and singers. I started to think about the fact that the author of creativity lives in the hearts of those that have accepted Christ. The composer of all music inspires us to write and respond to his love and goodness.

The thought came to me that we have every ability to make music that matches or exceeds what my friends are experiencing tonight at the Georgia Dome. Not because of the fact that they are great musicians and singers, but because of the fact that our great God lives inside of them. Songs will rise as we respond to the amazing things that God is doing in our hearts and in our community at Center City Church.

I can’t wait to sing along.