I have spent the morning studying the background of the Gospel of Mark, the overview of the teachings of Jesus and the overall themes found in this book. We are starting a new series at Center City Church that is taking a look at the teaching and revelation of Christ found in the Gospel of Mark.

All the while that I’ve been doing this, my beautiful wife (Dara) has been at home with our kids. Cooking. Cleaning. Refereeing. Changing diapers. Loving. Teaching. More cleaning. Praying.

I spend all day on Wednesdays studying. I usually pick a coffee shop and spend the entire day studying. It is so encouraging to me to know that my wife is at home praying for me as I try my best to hear from God for our church. She is praying that I will have wisdom, clarity and direction. That God would speak to me so I can then speak to our church the things I have learned and heard.

I’m so blessed to have an amazing wife. We are in this together. Her role is less seen than mine in the public eye, but no less important as we lead this church together.

I love my wife.