We took Max and Mary to go see the Tigers/Braves game at Disney’s Wide World of Sports complex (the Atlanta Braves’ training facility). So much fun! It was hilarious to see Max and Mary all excited to see Micky Mouse at the baseball game 🙂

I will always remember this day as Max’s first live sporting event that he was really “into”. The game was sold out, so we had to buy standing room only tickets…which basically meant that we could go wherever we wanted and stand and watch the game. We went all over the stadium and watched from every angle…so much fun! Max was so engaged in the game! We kept on screaming GOOOOOOO TIGERS!

The Tigers were up 2-1 going into the bottom of the 9th inning. The Braves came back and scored 2 runs in the 9th. We lost. Max cried his eyes out and kept saying “I didn’t WANT the Braves to win…I wanted the TIGERS to win!” I agreed. The only reason I didn’t cry is because it is only a pre-season game that doesn’t count 🙂

Some of my best memories as a kid were going to see the Tigers play with my dad. I have always dreamed of sharing these memories with my own kids. I look forward to more games with Max…I just hope the Tigers don’t make him cry again.