Our church is growing. That’s a great reality. But it also changes things. We are seeing new people every single week come into our church family. That’s amazing. But will it change the church that you’ve come to know and love?

The answer is a resounding YES. Change will come. And I believe that change is upon us right now. And this is incredibly exciting. Let me explain…

Our church is known for being a loving, accepting and genuine place to explore and grow deeper in our faith. Now that lots of people have heard about this, there are lots more that want to check it out. But that means that our method has to change. It means that it’s time to release this beautiful community to spread our reality to our community in the most organic of ways.

That’s a terrible buzz word, eh? Organic. Lots of things have been labeled organic that are anything but the true meaning of that word. You can’t manufacture organic. You can’t quick start organic. It has to grow at it’s own pace. It has to mature naturally. And that’s where we are at right now at Center City Church. The next natural step is for each one of you that call this your church to own the culture. To set the tone in the culture. To take what we have seen develop in the last two years and start to spread it yourself.

It’s your opportunity. It’s your time. A few questions that are rolling around my head today:

Who can YOU connect to our community?
Who can YOU invite out to dinner or over to your home to hang?
Who can YOU share your faith with that needs to know Jesus?

A natural progression in something being organic is growth. A healthy organism grows. But a healthy organism also does not lose it’s DNA as it grows. Our DNA will stay the same if we all do our part.

So the question is simple: how can you do your part to spread our DNA? Love and honor God with all your heart. Love people. Be genuine. Don’t judge. Open your home. Care for others. And when we all do these things, this beautiful message of Jesus and what he’s doing at Center City will continue to spread.

Are you ready for growth? Because growth is happening. And that’s a very good thing. It’s your time now. It’s your opportunity. This culture is yours. Own it and introduce others to something that is unique, special and ultimately fulfilling.

God has given us a beautiful reality. Don’t keep it to yourself. Let it grow and allow God to use you in the most natural of ways. I love you. I believe in you.

Let’s grow together.