We had yet another great gathering this morning at The Branch Christian Academy. This was our final meeting at the school before moving into our new home, The Starlight Theater. I am so grateful for Pastor Derek Turner and all those at The Branch that have been so overwhelmingly supportive of us coming to town.

I was blown away when I heard that Pastor Derek had offered to let us use their school for FREE to get our church started. When I finally met him a couple of weeks ago, he simply told me “I wish we had someone give me a place for free to meet when we first started. We figured it would help you guys and, after all, we’re all on the same team.”

What a sign of true humility. There is not one ounce of Derek and his staff being territorial about us coming to Charlotte. His view, which is so refreshing, is that Charlotte is a big town and lots of people need Jesus. What an amazing act of kindness. I pray God’s great blessings on their church and them personally!